Short post 15

Redemption and suffering both is within us. It's just upon the heart to let the mind chose xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The truth sets you free, when the one who needs the truth accepts the truth otherwise it shall only be a taunting little memory etched in the head. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx There is no shame in accepting that one … Continue reading Short post 15


The Tantrum

Ignorance is a bliss for those; who do not have to deal with the consequence . For what can be the consequence for the ignorance ? Is it downfall, is it a heartache or is it a forever etched in the dusty chambers of the soul. Or is it just a blissful state of mind … Continue reading The Tantrum

Short posts #4

Peace is not in the open, not in any material its within us, within something called conscience. which we all fail to realize even though we are awake in the world and not  the real world. Amidst fear, insecurity, negativity, anger so on  and so forth usually arises a hero who may look as a … Continue reading Short posts #4