Short post 15

Redemption and suffering both is within us. It’s just upon the heart to let the mind chose


The truth sets you free, when the one who needs the truth accepts the truth

otherwise it shall only be a taunting little memory etched in the head.


There is no shame in accepting that one is flawed,

shame is when you know you are flawed and yet hide it behind

words and illusion.



only you can live your life not anyone else

so why stress about what others think for

you shall and will be your own guardian



Beyond the boundaries of societies beyond the realm of limitations

lies humanity sober, clean and guarded by conscience which is

pure as the smile of infant.



Amidst the darkness lies a calmness, a solitude , a calling

which only the broken can see and bear

for not all heroes are born to save the world wearing cape

some are heroes save the world just by taming the devil

inside of them, in the darkness


When u spot the smile in the ally of memories

when you see the tears in the corners of the mind palace

just remember that both happiness and sadness are illusions


One does not a god for saving, what one needs is confidence upon oneself

for victory favors the brave, and the brave have trust upon themselves

and not any invisible entity


Everyday can be a battle when you come back from a war,

for war exposes you to certain treacherous phases

that it can create havoc in the mind and can errupt

anytime, not all wars are fought between countries

few war are fought between reality and illusion





Staring into the Abyss

There was a part of life

where everything seemed

as a happy fairy tale

there was a pinch of sadness,

anger, love, care and everything


But along the way

the story got a twist,

the whole world

turned upside down

the once presumed miracle

turned out to be a curse.

The smile from the heart

turned into a masquerade

of happiness.

The cry for all of it to end

was in vain

for life had its own plan

not for the betterment

but for the torment.

Memories were not cherished

rather served as a needle

to poke the wound.

Positivism of life

suddenly turned into

an never ending black hole.

The paper also couldn’t

absorb the  enormous

load of pain.

Loads of paper, bottles of ink,

glasses of alcohol, river of tears

nothing could take away

what was snatched away

from life…

All that was left

was just stare into the

abyss awaiting for all of it

to end scared to jump

worried to stand

just stare into the abyss……


Cheers to life


Silence of the words

Words are a beautiful way to express ones thoughts in general, yet it applies to those which can be expressed or rather valued. What bout those which cannot be expressed which is so valuable that no word in the vocabulary will pin pointedly express the exact emotion. For example say a mothers love for her child now we may say its deeper than the ocean vaster than the universe, brighter than the stars so on so forth but can a mothers love be merely expressed in those metaphors well surely no.


The phrase action speaks louder than words is an compilation of same feeling. It can be for any thing for happiness sadness anger guilt etc. so its okay to go numb or dumb out of words once a while that time or that instance of silence of the words that moment when the brain just switches itself off and says “am out , bro”can sometimes be really embarrassing.

But forget the embarrassment  think bout that moment which made you go berserk and silent, well it may be anything a happy moment or a sad. But a control mechanism kicks in at that moment where u blabber things which may not even make sense.

Feel those instances embrace it and just smile and say fuck it,its worth it.

There are certain instance’s where a person makes you feel that silence of words, i mean waav seriously it is ah literally scary same time exciting(Taking into acct this is a happy instance). One may be good with words good with thoughts good with alnost everything and then there comes a person who just makes you look dumb and just makes you say ‘ fuck this shit, i don mind becoming dumb ‘.

Something i say everyone must experience where your IQ your smartness your gestures your bloody you itself just go blank and literally numb.

Now i take it funnily,but when it happened it was so not so funny..hahahaha

Happiness is sometimes over rated..:P


Cheers to life


Solitude in the crowd.



The crowd always is a good place to get your thoughts to run wild cause every individual you see can ignite an thought to think on and provoke your inner demon /angel/philosopher.

Solitude necessarily does not mean to be seluded from the crowd, we can be in solitude even in the crowd. Physically we can be at a place but mentally we can go around the world so being in a lonely place is not needed. The nonsense chatter of people which does not interest you can be avoided or can be taken as a case study itself, life is all about learning from everyone everywhere.

The best part of being in solitude in a crowd is you can laugh at the dilemma’s and see the ironies face the hostility learn people management even multi tasking…

What does solitude give that socializing does not give; well its entirely dependent on ones perception. Why love solitude when one can have so much “fun” with people around. Well the answer is people, yes people themselves push other beings to like solitude for every individual will have a in his own thought process and from a young age we are thought to adjust t o the society and live; well most of the people do it but then there are the rebels who do not go by the rules. Now in these rebels exist the solitude lovers.

So what does a solitude loving person do..??? Plot world domination, plan on how to rob a bank, plan on creating a weapon of mass destruction.. fuck no.. he just sits there reading a book writing a book or thinking on a topic and self debating on it.

Why does one do all this in solitude, well if i say lets talk bout the molecular structure of diamond am sure most of crowd would go WTF..!!! ok lets go for a simpler example suppose i say lets talk bout the universe lets have a deep thought provoking conversation most of the people would go bonkers and laugh so the solitude to think what ever one wants.

Solitude and loneliness are two different things confused to be same. Loneliness is something one would hate while solitude is something one loves. Solitude is similar to creating a parallel universe inside ones head to think to debate to invent.

Attaining solitude while in a crowd can be a uphill task reason being the people around you might be talking and may demand a response from you while you are deep in thought. But those who can master the art honestly you can reach new heights cause personally i tried to do it but was disturbed amidst thinking on something.

its okay to enjoy one’s own company cause it makes you aware of who one truly is, it helps you think on topic which others may find boring, it helps you increase your thirst for knowledge. Its a golden key to enlighten


cheers to life



Measure of emotions…

How bad does it hurt….??? How happy are you ..?? how does it feel…??

These are a few question for which one cannot accurately answer , the measure of emotions is something which has always been an inaccurate description. The world has outgrown so fast and so far that we have forgotten that emotions too are a part of being human. We can measure the speed of light the depth of the ocean but can we measure pain happiness etc.

We can only give similarities to those for example when we are extremely happy and some asks how does it feel all we can say we feel like king of the world or top of the world. But is that a unit ,nope its just comparative analysis.

Why i ask this question is a friend asked me out of the blue saying How does it feel having lost everything that you worked for in just a matter of days..? the question dumbstruck me for a while cause i could not say an accurate answer cause. How do i tell the amount of depression anger regret etc which is boiling inside me. Instead i had to rely on the oldest trick in the book i.e smile and say it gave me an opportunity to do better.

It’s really stupid concept that we have to smile even when we really wanna beat the crap out of someone or just say i am not ok. But it helps in a way mainly cause not all we meet are at the same intellectual or emotional level in life. So solution is just smile.

We laugh at someone who is going thru hell saying he is a weakling or that he is a downer. But never do we think saying what if we had faced the same situation and lost at same level. One mans trash is another man’s treasure same way is for feelings and human nature. What is irrelevant to me may be the world to someone else.

A few years back when i was top of my game everyone wanted to be with me. Once i fell down then i realised that not all those who smile along with you during your good times stay with you during bad times. People said i need to change and stop being who i am right now, i even tried but it was worse than my depression. Then I realised that why change just cause people asked you to. They are not in the same level of EQ.

Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional said Buddha; its seems easy to say something but so difficult to action it .

MAy be that’s what differentiates people the way we are…

Cheers to life


The kid who looked up to the skies…

He stood there hungry and drenching in his sweat from the hot summer, he was a loner. orphaned at a very young age the streets gave him shelter the kind heart one’s gave him food. He was kind to all, never spoke much. He used to play with street dogs and learned the hard way that a dogs loyalty is more than that of human.

He used to go near by shrines where he saw the rich the poor just sit and mumble things in front of “God”, he always wondered whom were they mumbling to and what were they mumbling. So he went to this old man who used to sell tea near by and asked him what was that place and why do people go there. For which the old man said” It is place of worship my son where people go to pray”. Surprised by hearing the word GOD for the first time the kid asked for more info with the old man. The old man gave an explanation best of his knowledge taking the side of god.

As the curtains of sunlight were bought down and night fall came, he looked up at the skies and for the first time started looking for GOD of which the old man told him. He saw million and billion of star and the shining moon. But no one seemed to answer him as he spoke. He was disheartened. And cried away himself to sleep with an empty stomach cause in trying to understand the concept of god he forgot to beg for food.

Next day as the rays of sun hit his small teary eyes he woke up and again looked up and tried to speak with GOD.  He went on to his routine begging for food. Luckily he found some leftovers at a rich mans house. Eating it he joyfully went near the old man and said he tried speaking to god but god did not respond to him. The old man laughed and said god does not talk in such ways. the astonished boy was angered and said “what kind of person is he ? who does not have the courtesy to respond back when some one is talkin to him”. The old man looking at the innocence of the child said ” Yes i know child, my wife also used to tell the same when i used to spend hours together pleading him to cure my wife’s cancer. But i do not know how he speaks. For i have stopped talking to him for almost 10 yrs now since my wife died.”.

Confused with the words of the old man the small boy went off to play with the dogs and he started talking to the dogs. Even though the dog did not speak it was wagging its tail and playing around which made the boy forget the questions in mind about god.

At the start of night fall i boy decided to sleep off near the mountain this time. As he reached the old abandoned house in the mountain he again saw the star filled sky. Much to his surprise he saw a man near by looking up to sky in huge pipe kind off contraption. walking up to the man the boy asked ” hey mister are you also trying to talk to god..?”. Surprised to see the boy the man said ” no kiddo, i am trying to look at the constellation of stars;   why do you ask”.

The boy explained how the old man had told him about GOD and his wonders. The man couldn’t stop laughing at the innocence of the child and said ” Kid look up the sky “,

He started seeing the sky and asked in a polite tone ” Ok, what am i supposed to be looking out for”. For which the man hushed him and told him to just look and enjoy the sky filled with stars. He was for the first time enjoying the sky rather than trying to find the invisible man in the sky. The man brought the telescope near him and said to look at the sky through it. He saw the stars at close range he was be dazzled at the milky ways. He asked the man is that god up there. For which the man said no its the universe out there trying to contact with us humans and tell that there is no invisible man up in the sky it’s just us the galaxies, the planets the asteroids.. And the whole night the man explained in lay mans terms about the universe.  As the moon said bye and the sun said hello the boy was in knowledge of the sky to an extent. Unlike his previous night he was not disappointed rather he was filled with joy that there was so much for him to learn. He told the man he wants to know more about the universe the galaxies he wanted to learn. The man was over joyed by the curiosity of the kid , being married for 10 years and not having a child. It sprung an idea in his mind of adopting him so he took the kid home. When his wife opened the door and asked who it was the man said “The kid who looked up the sky….. in search of god ”

Just an attempt to write stories hope you like it

Cheers to life